Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My 2013 Hammacher Schlemmer Christmas Wish-List

Just in time for your shopping convenience (and to ensure that my gifts arrive on time for Christmas), I hereby provide my annual Hammacher Schlemmer wish-list.

#10 The One-Year Smartphone Battery Backup for $49.95

#9  The Call Me Gloves for $79.95

#8  The Inductive iPad Charging System for $349.95

#7  Pen-Sized Scanner  for $124.95

#6  The Best Digital Coin Sorter for $189.95

#5  The Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger for $59.95

#4  The Productivity-Boosting Nap Pod for $16,000

#3 (tie)  The Hot Tub Boat for $42,000 and The Pedal Pub for $40,000 (can they combine these two?

#2  The Barbecue Dining Boat for $50,000

and my #1 item for this year's list:
The Flying Hovercraft for only $190,000

Thanks to my wife's shoe-shopping, FedEx and UPS have us on their regular delivery routes and probably will give a generous delivery discount.

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