Sunday, June 17, 2012

Invasion: Alaska. I read the book!

I just finished reading "Invasion: Alaska" by Vaughn Heppner.  It's a great book set in the year 2032.

I really liked Heppner's ideas about future weaponry. I was impressed with the detail. This is of special interest to me since I coach Future Problem Solvers. The book would make a great case study for the students. I appreciate Heppner's efforts to keep the book "clean." I contacted him via email to see if there was a possibility of obtaining an edited or editable version of the book to make it "safe" for junior high students. To my surprise. Heppner replied quickly. He said he was not aware of a way to do that, but he thought it was a great idea. Additionally, he said he tries to keep his books "clean" since he found out that his nephews are reading his books.

Several years ago, I contacted the publishers of Michael Crichton's "Prey" with the same type of inquiry, but never received a reply. "Prey" would make a great futuristic case study for students, but there is just a bit too much inappropriateness in the book for my taste.

I think it's interesting that I just stumbled upon Heppner's books. I think one of my next reads will be his new book, "Accelerated."  Before I read this, however, I'm going to read Neil de Grasse Tyson's "Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier."  I received this as a gift from my son for Father's Day.

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