Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I, uh, could use your, uh, opinion on something

I, uh, just got through listening to, uh, Mr. Obama's official, uh, welcome for Benjamin Netanyahu who is, uh, visiting from, uh, Israel.

Putting aside my, uh, political differences with our, uh, president, I am still bothered by, uh, something. I can't, uh, quite put my, uh, finger on what bothers me when I, uh, hear Mr. Obama speak "off the, uh, cuff" in, uh, public. I do not get the same feeling when he is reading a speech via teleprompter.

I'm hoping that, uh, you can help me figure out, uh, just what is so annoying to me, uh, about the way that Mr., uh, Obama ad libs in, uh, public. Can, uh, anyone help me out? Uh, thanks.

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