Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reading more Malcolm Gladwell, "What the Dog Saw"

I was at Barnes and Noble today looking through the newest releases to pick up something to read over the Thanksgiving break. I've read several books recently, including Raymond Khoury's "The Sign" and Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol." I was thinking about picking up Malcolm Gladwell's first book, "The Tipping Point" after having read "Blink" and "Outliers." To my surprise, I looked across the bookstore and saw a "Malcolm Gladwell" sign on top of a display of Gladwell's books. Not believing this to be a random coincidence (more like a synchronistic event), I made my way over and found out that Gladwell had recently released "What the Dog Saw." I picked it up, and I'm starting to read it today (after twitpic-ing a picture of it, of course).  I'd never heard of Gladwell until NECC09 this past summer. I'm glad I attended.

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